A world where content is more important than follower count.

When it comes to building your account and your status as an influencer, that little fluctuating number next to your social handle can be especially frustrating. While there might be influencers out there with millions of followers, often acquired by questionable methods, you’re out there hustling every day trying to prove how unique or interesting your account is by attempting to gain as many followers as possible. We built Socialhunt so that you can focus more energy on creating the right content and less energy on your fluctuating follower count. Our Rating & Review system means that your audience can rate your account based on the quality of your content and not on the number of followers you have. The higher your rating, the more likely it is that users that are interested in your specific niche will discover your account and become real, engaged fans of your content.

How our rating & award systems works

‘Rating’ is an average generated by the score that users have given your profile. Accounts with the most relevant and highest quality content are more likely to receive higher scores. All Ratings & Reviews will be checked consistently by our team to make sure they fall in line with our policies – we want to ensure that Ratings are a reflection of content quality only and not personal.

We will be introducing SH Awards to our platform to make sure that accounts that produce excellent content for their niche are rewarded for their consistency and quality, regardless of the number of followers they might have on Instagram or Youtube. The idea behind this is that we want to help new accounts stand out and get noticed by relevant audiences. Plus, once you win an SH Award, you will be able to share it on your social media accounts as a much better indication of how engaged or loyal your audience is, as opposed to follower count.

Three easy tips to increase your Rating

  • 1. Invite your existing audience to support you
  • To receive your initial Rating,10 or more users need to rate your account. The best way to ensure this happens as soon as possible is to share your Socialhunt account with your existing followers on Instagram or Youtube and get them to support your account. They will also be able to leave a Review with any helpful feedback on your account and overall content.
  • 2. Ensure your content, and personal brand is on point
  • Producing high-quality content is the best way to ensure the highest possible rating on your account. Ensure your content serves your audience and caters to the niche you are interested in building. You are also able to select Categories when creating your profile, make sure you utilize this to target the exact audience you are after.
  • 3. Lastly, make sure your account is verified
  • It’s easy to Claim Ownership of your account and also means that you are more likely to receive a higher score as a verified account. Don’t miss this step.

If you are interested to see how Socialhunt can help you grow your audience, click here to get early access to our app.

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