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Would you like your Instagram or YouTube account to be discovered easily? Add it to Socialhunt. Our platform helps accounts with great content reach the right audience, no matter if you have 1,000 or 10,000 followers.




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Whether you are a micro-influencer trying to grow your audience or just want to discover new and relevant content, here's what you can do with Socialhunt.

Connect your accounts for free

You are currently able to add as many social media accounts as you want, for free. So you don't have to choose between all of your different pages.

Get helpful feedback from your audience

Unlike in social networks, our Ratings & Reviews mean you can get feedback on your overall concept and content. Not just on a specific post or video.

Choose how you want to brand yourself

You are able to add your own description, choose your own influencer category or niche and brand yourself for the audience you want to attract.

Receive an award for your account

The best performing accounts with top ratings and feedback in their category will be eligible to receive an award that can be shared across your network.

We make sure the right audience can find you, in 3 easy steps.

With thousands of new accounts and blogs popping up daily on social networks, it's hard to stand out. Audiences are becoming increasingly frustrated wasting hours on social media without finding any relevant content. Our goal is to help the right audience find you, so get started by adding your account to Socialhunt in three easy steps.



Add or spot your account on Socialhunt by simply pasting your profile URL or searching by username.

Supported social networks:



Select up to three categories that fit your profile and content. Make sure they are relevant to the audience you are after. Add your profile location so that users can easily find you.



In order to manage your account, you need to Claim Ownership of it. Simply copy the link and add it your social media profile to verify your account. Once your account has been verified you can get started with growing your audience.



If you have any questions about Socialhunt and how it works, take a quick look below. If you don't find what you're looking for feel free to ping us.

Which social networks are supported?

Currently, only Youtube & Instagram are supported but more are coming soon.

Is Socialhunt in line with Youtube and Instagram's guidelines?

Yes, our platform is perfectly in line with the guidelines of all major social networks.

What does my 'Rating' mean?

Rating is an average generated by the score that users have given your account, regardless of your number of followers. Accounts with the most relevant and highest quality content are more likely to receive higher scores.

What happens once I add my account to Socialhunt?

It will take a few minutes for your account to appear in the system. Our moderators will review your account and once it is verified you will receive a notification.

Why do I need to claim ownership?

By Claiming Ownership we are able to verify your account, allowing you to respond to your reviews, receive notifications about your rating and reset your rating.

How do I grow my audience using Socialhunt?

By adding your accounts, we make sure that the right audiences find you through category, location, and rating.

How can I get featured in Socialhunt?

Our Editorial team will select the top daily accounts and feature them. Verified accounts will be given preference.

Do I have to pay for Socialhunt?

No, it’s free to use and there are no ads. In the future, we will add premium features - if you sign up now you’ll get them for free.

What's new at Socialhunt

Stuck trying to grow your audience? We can help.
Stuck trying to grow your audience? We can help.

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A world where content is more important than follower count.
A world where content is more important than follower count.

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