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In today’s world, almost everything revolves around social media and anyone who has an account on Instagram or Youtube can tell you that it is increasingly challenging to grow your account organically. Coupled with this, research shows that users feel like they waste hours on social media looking for specific content, but are rarely able to find what they are looking for. Based on these pain points, our product team began researching and testing what tools or platforms exist that allow users to discover interesting social media accounts or relevant influencers easily.

We quickly discovered that most of the popular tools are very marketing oriented, and although may be useful to a PR or brand team they do not solve the issue that most of us face every day. Based on this research and our key assumptions, the concept of Socialhunt was born – the only tool that helps accounts with great content reach the right audience, no matter if you have 1,000 or 10,000 followers.

We created Socialhunt to help match audiences with relevant content they are interested in and are actively looking for, whether that is finding top food bloggers in New York or inspiring health coaches in London.

How does it work?

That way, as an influencer or blogger, you can connect with the right audience and grow your account organically. Users will no longer have to waste hours and hours searching for content. Instead, our platform allows a relevant audience to find you within minutes.

Starting with Instagram and Youtube accounts for our initial launch phase, our goal was to create a very straightforward experience that allows users to discover the right accounts easily. Users can select Categories and Locations they are interested in and browse profiles that explicitly target their needs. This makes it much more likely that the right audience will connect with your account. In order to make sure the right audience finds you, choose relevant categories and your location, and lastly Claim Ownership of your account to be verified.

The filtering process will also allow easy navigation and sorting through thousands of new daily accounts being uploaded, with the added benefit of allowing users to choose strict criteria when it comes to the types of content they are looking for.

Another important feature we are currently building is to allow users to Rate and Review accounts, to ensure the quality of accounts on the platform. We aim to make sure that users rate accounts based on content relevancy and content quality, and part of our UX will be to emphasize that ratings are not a personal reflection of a specific influencer. This means that regardless of your number of followers, you will be able to stand out and reach the right audience through your content.

The best daily accounts will also be featured on our home screen and social media, allowing more users to browse your content and follow your account. Our Editorial team sorts through new accounts and handpicks the best ones each day, with preference given to verified accounts.

With more features underway, we hope that in a world where thousands of social media accounts are created every day, Socialhunt will become the top platform that allows you to connect with the right audience and provides an easy solution to grow your account organically!

If you are interested to see how Socialhunt can help you grow your audience, click here to get early access to our app.

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